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Tel: +27 11 914 4050


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Shane - Plant
Ryan - Drum Mixers
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New 6m & 8m Concrete Mixer

We have launched our new 6m & 8m concrete mixer unit which can be mounted to a suitable chassis of your choice that has a constant P.T.O. driven engine. We are glad to announce that customer that viewed the mixer at the launch were very impressed with the new innovations and improvements that I have designed for our mixers. Safety was the main criteria when designing the mixer and secondly how to make it easy for our customers to do general maintenance and repairs. Both the drums on the 6 & 8m mixer units have been operating for more than a year such the likes of Pronto, Lafarge, Afrisam, Stefstock , Bellam etc. Our concrete mixer drums are operating in S.A. , Botswana & Namibia and we are targeting further into Africa where our customers are operating our Karroo batch plants.

The 8m mixer was loaded with a full 8m load of concrete at one of Pronto’s plants and we took a video of the mixer loading at the plant and then taken to the weigh bridge and the mixer was mounted onto a Power Star 4035 chassis and weighed in at 33 542kg.

The safety & innovation on the mixer unit is as follows:

  1. Safety guards on the drum roller brackets and you will be able to see if any stone gets stuck between the roller and roller bracket.
  2. Easy access greasing point for the drum rollers.
  3. Easy access to the filler line of the water tank.
  4. Easy access to the pressure regulator switch for the water tank.
  5. All our drums are fitted with solid, tapered, machined, forged & seamless track rings which are hardened and tempered and certificate are available on request.
  6. Safety pins to lock the drum when carrying out maintenance work inside the drum.
  7. Build in device in the rear pedestal where you can use your normal truck jack to lift the drum which sits in a cradle where you remove the bolts to jack up the drum to replace or align your drum rollers on site. An additional safety device which you use to lock the drum is also used in case the truck jack does not operate properly.
  8. Additional agitators has been fitted inside the drum from the dish- end of the drum to the middle section of the drum which are staggered to help reducing your mixing time at the checkpoint and to help eliminate balling in the concrete especially when using special fibres in your mix designs.
  9. Removable & adjustable v-chute (up and downwards and horizontally.

I have carefully looked at the design and each and every customer has their own ideas and I can change whatever you as the customer need for your application.

We have a highly qualified sub-contractor that does all our painting of our mixers and we only use 2K paint on our mixers. The mixer is designed in such a way that everything is bolted for easy maintenance.


Just a bit of info , we are currently busy mounting a 6m mixer to a Volvo chassis as well as x2 3535K Mercedes Benz chassis’s for 8m mixers (Pronto) and in the pipeline are Renault chassis for 6m mixers 6m.


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