Mobile Karoo Batching Plant

Capacity: 20 – 30m³ / hour

Aggregate: 6 /8m³ Hopper, 15000 Kg Load cells, Discharge gate (manual / Pneumatic Cylinder)

Cement Bag splitter: (20, 50 Kg cement bags hand loaded) Discharge, manual / Pneumatic cylinder

Belt Conveyor: 600 / 750mm Wide, Weather proof covers

Electric Drive: 11 Kw Motor & Gearbox unit

Diesel Engine: 15 Kw, 1500 rpm with electric start unit, Battery, Fuel tank etc

Electric Panel: Indicator 220v ac / 12v dc + All necessary switch gear

Water meter: 1000L Maddelena manual / 1000L Automatic pulse unit (50mm Supply)

Water Pump: Electric, 1.5 Kw 380 V (Optional) Diesel Engine, 3 groove pulley on engine (centrifugal clutch)

Compressor: Optional (mounted on machine)

Wheels & Axle: Standard on all mobile units

Optional Roadworthy: Machine to be registered and Natis issued to tow on National roads.

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