36m³ Mobile Ready Mix Plant

Capacity:  36m³ / hour (MAX)

Aggregate: 6m³ Hopper, 10,000 Kg Load cells, Discharge gate (Pneumatic Cylinder)

Cement Weigh Batcher:   3000Kg Discharge, 3 x ULP Load cells (Pneumatic Cylinder), aeration / Vibrator

Belt Conveyor: 600mm Wide, Weather / dust proof covers

Electric Drive: 11 Kw Motor & Gearbox unit (FENNER), IP55

Electric Panel: Desk Type (Drawings supplied) Semi / Fully auto

Water weigh Batcher: 1200L (load cells ULP x 3), 100mm Actuator discharge valve

Water Pump: Electric, 4 Kw 380 V (Optional), IP55

Compressor: 5.5Kw, 380V, 270l Tank (FINI) IP55

Wheels & Axle: Optional.

Cement Silo: 60 to 100 Ton, Access ladder, filler pipe, hand railing, filtration unit, filler coupling, aeration, butterfly valve

Cement Screw Conveyor: 8 and 9m Long, 7.5Kw , 220 /  Diameter (+40Ton /H) IP5

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