Concrete Reclaimers, Single Input

CONSEP® is a Concrete Reclaimer used in ready-mixed concrete batching plants for recycling concrete washed out from truck mixers and in pre-cast concrete batching plants for recovery of concrete from the moulds

The solid aggregate particles (sand and gravel) having a particle size larger than 0.3mm (0.01 in) are separated from the wastewater by an inclined heavy-duty screw.

Performance & Technical Features – Benefits

  • Flow rate: 15 m³/h (9 cfm) of diluted concrete
  • Drive power: 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) / 7.7 kW (10 HP) ¿ 400 V, 3 phases
  • All fabricated parts in galvanized carbon steel
  • Heavy-duty ribbon flight screw in high-resistance steel
  • Sturdy extra-heavy-duty design
  • Flanged shaft couplings
  • Internal, replaceable maintenance-free lower bearing
  • Low water consumption and efficient aggregate washing
  • Easy maintenance (easy access to all equipment components)
  • High reliability
  • Under or above ground installation

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