Drum Mixers

ECEM manufactures drum mixers to suit most trucks sold in the African market. It is recommended that the engine has a Power Take Off (PTO) drive to power the hydraulic motor that drives the gearbox to turn the drum itself. In the instance where a PTO is not available Donkey motors are employed to drive the hydraulics

Our standard sizes for trucks are the 6m³ and the 8m³ drums, while 9m³ can be made for drums exported outside South Africa.

ECEM manufactures concrete mixers, featuring the following:

  • ECEM, Liebherr, TFM, TATA compatible drums
  • ECEM design, suitable for all truck chassis
  • Innovations on the drums that reduce mixing times
  • Performance enhancing innovations on the track rings (solid, seamless, machined track rings)
  • Easy access to greasing points
  • Easy access to water filling line
  • Adjustable and detachable V-chute
  • Safe and easy on-site drum roller replacing – (no crane required)
  • Gravity fed overhead hydraulic oil cooler
  • ZF/PMP Transmission
  • Domex sub-frames


  1. Echar Construction Equipment Manufacturers cc – Body Building & Manufacturer NATIS No. 9033610230022
  2. Capacity of drum 6 or 8mᵌ, 5mm 300WA plate for outer shell of the drum & dome 6mm 300WA.
  3. Track ring – forged solid seamless machined, hardened, tempered, quenched and tapered Mat. EN19 (Certificate available on request).
  4. 4mm Domex blades c/w 25x10mm flat bar for blade capping ¾ of the drum from dish-end to discharge of the drum and balance of the capping 16mm round bar.
  5. Gearbox mounting flange twenty four holes takes M16X60 Grade 10.9 bolts.
  6. Drum two inspection covers.
  7. Sub-frame and side mounting plates 6mm domex plate.
  8. M20 high tensile u-bolts to hold down the front and rear pedestal.
  9. Under run bumper as per SABS.
  10. Chevron & number plate as per SABS.
  11. Plastic water proof LED light holders, l.h.s. two-hole box both sides and reverse light separate
  12. Adjustable, removable light weight plastic mudguards c/w brackets.
  13. Rubber mud flaps SABS not fixed to the mud flap.
  14. 210 Litre aluminium water tank fitted in front of rear pedestal c/w x2 pressure relieve valves and additional valve to release air in tank before filling with water and also pressure test certificate.
  15. Adjustable & removable V – chute c/w liner plate.
  16. Swivel & removable feed hopper c/w liner plate.
  17. Swivel discharge chute c/w domex folding chute & domex liner in main chute.
  18. X2 Domex extension chutes & ext. chutes storage brackets.
  19. Locking & removable swivel arm for discharge chute & adjustable & removable heavy duty screw jack.
  20. Adjustable & removable drum safety strap.
  21. 250 diameter drum rollers for 8mᵌ concrete mixer drum.
  22. Adjustable & removable drum roller brackets, easy access to grease.
  23. Heavy duty manual operated drum control direction handle & cable c/w rose eye at the hydraulic pump.
  24. Electric speed control box
  25. Air regulator & control switch for the water tank.
  26. ¾ inch green line water hose c/w ¾ inch ball valve & brass fitting at the end of the hose.
  27. Easy access water filling point for water tank.
  28. PMP transmission – 2 year warranty or ZF transmission-drive c/w 12 month warranty.
  29. PMH 90CC hydraulic motor c/w 2 year warranty.
  30. PMH 90CC hydraulic pump c/w 2 year warranty.
  31. Over head hydraulic oil cooler c/w suction filter, breather & ext pipe.
  32. Oil, normal hydraulic & gear oil.
  33. Fitted with prop-shaft guard.
  34. 23T coupling fitted at the hydraulic pump for the PTO.
  35. All chassis mounting bolts are M16 flanged bolts & nuts Grade 10.9
  36. Complete mixer unit primer & final paint white 2K paint.
  37. Fitted with SABS reflective tape.
  38. Fitted with rectangular orange reflectors eg. Mudguards & pump mounting bracket.
  39. Water meter

Additional safety device (painted signal red)

  • Guards on Top of V-Chute L.H and R.H side (bolted)
  • Guards on roller brackets L.H and R.H side (bolted)
  • Safety device – Folding chute
  • Safety pins (to hold drum in position when replacing drum rollers on site)

Safety gate top of access ladder

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