ECEM Mixer Drum Repairs

Refurbished Concrete Drum Mixers

ECEM refurbishes, repairs and maintains all makes of concrete mixer drums

  • Re-blading of all makes of concrete mixer drums (6m3 and 8m3)
  • Replacement of track rings
  • Refurbishment of complete mixer assembly
  • Sandblasting of truck chassis and sub-assemblies
  • Refurbishment and service exchange on all hydraulics (transmission, pump, motor etc.)

Refurbishment of PLM7 and PLM9 transmissions

After Sales (Spares)

ECEM supply a complete range of spares and accessories for all makes of concrete mixer drums, including;

  • Drum rollers
  • Chutes
  • Extension chutes
  • Drum cables
  • ZF and PMP transmissions
  • Aluminium water tanks (150 litre/ 210 litre)
  • Plastic and Steel mudguards
  • Chevron boards and rear lights
  • Reverse buzzers, strobe lights
  • Drum thickness testing

We keep stock of a wide variety of spares, ensuring quick delivery turnaround;
ECEM is a registered OEM for ZF and PMP transmissions.

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