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Pneumatic Hammers

PS-type MARTSHOCK Intermittent Electropneumatic Hammers belong to those flow aids that act destructively as bridge breakers. The mechanical energy released at regular intervals, at the moment of collision, is transmitted through the container wall to the stored material. MARTSHOCK Hammers are suitable for loosening of adhesive material crusts on walls, pipes and bins, and as bridge breakers in silos. The blow impulse leads to the complete detachment of the crusts or the collapse of a material bridge.
MARTSHOCK Hammers are particularly suitable for retrofitting to existing silo cones or hoppers as no emptying of the bin or drilling of the wall is required.

The MARTSHOCK Pneumatic Hammer blows produce a violent impact on the wall on which the unit is fitted. It is suitable for all bin shapes and sizes.

Performance & Technical Features – Benefits

  • Standard ATEX II3D version
  • Electropneumatically operated
  • Control panel for adjustment of operation and pause intervals
  • Extension with 2 or 4 outlets

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