Water Tankers

ECEM manufactures water tankers to your specifications and size, standard sizes being 12000L, 14000L and 16000L. These water tankers can be fitted to a truck chassis of your choice as long as the engine has a Power Take Off (PTO) coupling.

The tankers are manufactured to be water sprayers as well as to supply water, fit for human consumption


  • Manufactured from mild steel
  • 12000, 14 000 and 1600 Litre capacity
  • ECEM design with rolled ends
  • 5mm Shell, 6mm ends and 3mm baffles
  • Mounted on a sub frame with cross members and a pivot point mount for maximum flexibility.
  • Tanks are suitably baffled. 2 x Sets removable baffles.
  • Catwalk to manhole and ladder to allow easy access.
  • Standard equipment:
    • 1x bottom filling coupler;
    • 3” piping;
    • 1x Manhole 600mm diameter;
    • 1x collection Sump;
    • 6mx100mm Heli flex hose with Perrot coupling;
    • 1x working platform behind tank;
    • 1x Sight glass at rear of tank;
    • Vertical Spray bar with 3 nozzles;
    • Horizontal Spray bar with 5 nozzles;
    • Pump with hydraulic drive with hoses;
  • General Equipment: • Two sets of hose support, along the side of the tank;
  • Mudguards;
  • Painting of interior with two coats of best quality Epoxy 151 CSF blue tank lining suitable for drinking water (1-year warranty on coating)

All outside surfaces thoroughly cleaned, primed and painted with two coats 2K enamel.

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