Terms And Conditions

Technical Specifications.

Electric Plant:

  • Control Voltage: 220V / 24V
  • Insulation:
    – Motors: Class F
  • Protection:
    – Control Boards and push button-desk: IP-55
    – Motors: IP-55
  • The execution of control boards, push-button desks and electrical equipment of the machines will be made according to the rules I.E.C. 204/1 – C.E.I. 44/5
  • Nominal voltage allowed fluctuation: approx.5%
  • Nominal frequency allowed fluctuation: approx 2%

ECEM Standard painting cycle

  • Surface Preparation:
    Accurate cleaning of the surfaces with metal brushes, and degreasing with a solvent.
  • Painting Cycle:
    • No.1 lead coat of paint basically consisting of alkyd phenolic resins that are anti-corrosive and non-polluting.
    • Colour Grey oxide (under coat)
    • Thickness is 30 – 40micron.
  • Colour of final coat:
    • The final colour will be the customer’s choice.


  • Prices:
    All prices are valid for 21 days only. And Exclude VAT
  • Warranty:
    • The supply is Warranty for a period of 6 months after start up, but not later than 8 months after being notified that the goods were ready for dispatch.
    • ECEM is not liable for any consequential or incidental loss or damage for any reason whatsoever.
    • Wear and tear parts are excluded from the Warranty unless there is a detectable factory fault on the material.
    • Warranty does not apply to electrical equipment, unless factory fault is detected.

Supervision on site:

  • The possible intervention of our staff, for work to be carried out on site, on application of the customer, will be debited according to our tariffs.
  • In the event that erection and installation work is carried out, without the supervision of a ECEM field technician, ECEM cannot be held responsible for:
    • Incorrect installation,
    • Any damage caused to ECEM’s plant or other machinery or personnel and therefore reserves the rights to withdraw the Warranty cover for all effected items.
    • Start up cannot and must not be carried out by any one other then a ECEM field technician, if start up is carried out by any one other then a ECEM field technician the Warranty of ECEM no longer applies.

“We shall be entitled to modifications to Bill of Materials and Technical Specifications, either due to updating or improving of our engineering or to engineering requirements that might occur during the final execution”

The following is not included in our quotation:

  • Water supply to plant (50 N.B, 3bar)
  • Electrical Supply to plant (25-85KVA)
  • Chemical Supply to plant
  • Civils and Foundations
  • Local safety devices (Pull switches, safety guards, earthing etc. unless clearly stated)

If any error is made, or extras need to be added ECEM have the right to re-quote.
All Equipment remains the property of ECEMCC till fully paid for.
Interest will be charged on overdue accounts (prime +2%)